“Treehouse Projects provides a comprehensive Facilities, Project and Property Management service to Fremantle Media. Their team understands and has considerable experience in the television and media sector, which gives us the comfort of knowing that they will respond to challenges in a willing and friendly way, but always working within commercial parameters.”

“Office support services are all about: understanding client requirements, capability of actually delivering them, and responsiveness. The Treehouse people have them all, plus their attitude just makes us feel that they listen, care and respond, at all levels. Of course they have to pay due regard to what’s economically possible and practicable. They’re a delight to work with.”

“Treehouse, in our experience, are professional and quick to respond, this makes our office a nicer place to work.”

"Treehouse have been able to provide a versatile and tailor-made service for Keo films, at a point when we have needed to make some big decisions about our offices. It has been immensely reassuring to have someone with such a high level of expertise available to give us advice just when we need it, without having to hire full-time resource. I fully expect to continue using Treehouse whenever I need expert help."

"Treehouse provides Encompass with an outsourced Facilities Management service together with ad hoc project support. The team is always friendly, quick to respond - even under pressure. The combination of their FM and media experience means they have a good understanding of our business and provide a good all-round, flexible service which is always commercially focussed."


"Treehouse Projects were absolutely fabulous in organising movers, shakers and candlestick makers, and whatever else was required to move 110 people into a 20,000 sq feet  building in London over 4 floors containing 50Km of cable! One of the most satisfying things for me, is that we managed to achieve this incredible transformation within 4 months of signing the contract with our building contractors. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Treehouse."

"That's me back at work, and not only that, we're now working from a brand new lovely office! You have done such a great job, it's brilliant! Thank you so much for everything!"

"Treehouse were key in enabling us to move premises within 14 days of obtaining the property lease. Treehouse project managed the entire move - their organisation and ability to manage constrained timelines ensured that obstacles were overcome, resource sourced and a slick transition affected. Business continuity was sustained, they were present throughout the transition ensuring we were able to operate effectively, maintaining a 24/7 operation during the process." 

"Yet another project successfully delivered by the brilliant Sue McCartney.  Her calm, consistent and professional approach never fails to impress even when she's challenging every last detail.  I value her creative input, breadth of research and the level of support she provides to her project team.  She always goes the extra mile and the results speak for themselves.  Impressive."

"ITV had two large projects to deliver during 2014 and 2015.  One was to move our production community into individual labels resulting in a lot of moves and changes together with branding workspaces.  The second project was to consolidate space that again meant moves, changes and branding workspaces to give staff a workplace they are proud to work in.

We approached Treehouse Projects because Sue McCartney’s experience of ITV, Productions and the Media Industry.  As a result this meant that Treehouse were quickly able to gain the trust of senior stakeholders and made the planning process much more efficient and speedy.  This was invaluable with the tight deadlines on both of these projects.

Stakeholder Sue Bowyer, Workspace Manager ITV Studios says: ‘Treehouse Projects especially Sue McCartney supported ITV Studios' vision of changing the way we use and work in our office space along with the branding of each Labels workspace to reflect their identity.  Sue's expertise in the television and media sector help make the transition as seamless as possible.’  

ITV would not hesitate to recommend Treehouse Projects and would be very happy to be contacted for any further references."

"We asked Treehouse Projects for help with managing the facilities work stream of the post-merger integration project between Penguin and Random House. The project has been challenging and there have been tight deadlines to work to but Paula Prentice has helped ensure that all these have been met through her hard work, commitment and attention to detail. The moves have continued beyond the project as a result of internal re-organisation so we have retained her to ensure that they are delivered on time and on budget.  Paula's cheerfulness and proactive approach has meant that she is a valuable asset to my team.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her."