The Treehouse team understands media: its culture, its people, and the way it works. This enables us to hit the ground running.

Whats sets us apart? Quite simply it’s our people. With over five decades of experience between us, the Treehouse team offers a rare combination of project management expertise and an in-depth knowledge of the media industry.

We have experience of delivering the most challenging fit-out and move projects, many of which have involved change management and transformational elements which very often occur at a time when the client is making cost savings or going through re-organisation.  It is essential under those circumstances that we manage with discretion. We engage with all levels of stakeholders - from Board members to  teams. We can advise, backed up by our Clinical Psychologist if required, on planning more efficient use of space,  and through workshops we can help you and your teams create the space which reflects their culture, identity and their day-to-day activities.

It is our responsibility to ensure that everyone on the project team (internally and externally) is clear about their roles, responsibilities and objectives throughout the project. 

Do you need to think about moving offices?  We work with partners in the commercial property world who would not only be able to help you find your perfect offices but also guide you through the negotiation process to completion. Treehouse can then step in and help you fit it out if that is what is required and get your office up-and-running in no time!